I thought this wedding would be the first of my spring wedding season. I had no idea it would likely turn out to be my one and only spring wedding this year! Unfortunately with COVID-19 in full force, it looks like it will be awhile before I get to shoot another wedding. As a small business owner, it’s a tricky time. While I am eager to get back to work, to help provide for my family, I am absolutely supportive of all the restrictions currently being put in place. We need to do everything we can to help flatten the curve and slow the virus down as much as possible. So while I am sharing the beautiful story of this day, please know a lot of care went into following the CDC guidelines, and ensuring this was as safe as possible for everyone involved. If you do have a Spring wedding, with the latest updates, I would encourage you to make plans to postpone to a later date, when it is safer for everyone involved.

Josh and Jen’s wedding was planned to be a huge celebration, with 300 guests coming in from all over the world! So with travel bans happening, and the CoronaVirus starting to head our way, a lot of hard decisions had to be made in the last week or two leading up to their wedding. With the news of government restrictions changing daily, they made the difficult call to downsize to a very intimate gathering, that would take place at Josh’s sisters home. The ceremony was on the upstairs deck, and the few guests they allowed, sat downstairs with their chairs separated. The neighbors heard about the plans and tied white balloons on their mailboxes, made signs to hang around the neighborhood, and cheered them on from windows next door.

This Orthodox Jewish ceremony looked a little different than it normally would, with everyone spaced out, and wiping down the pen with Clorox wipes, and using hand sanitizer in between signing the Ketubah. During the ceremony the Rabbi said he normally he tells couples that their marriage is not going to be like their wedding day, because it won’t always feel like a fancy celebration. This wedding however, was different. He said their wedding day is exactly what marriage is all about, it’s facing the hard times that life throws at you, and overcoming those obstacles together. While it wasn’t the elaborate celebration they had originally envisioned, the stripped down nature of the day, made it all about the two of them, and the commitment they were making to one another, and in the end what is more beautiful than that?

They say when you lose one sense, your body compensates by heightening the other senses. It’s hard to describe, but in the absence of hugs, when they were stuck greeting guests and family at a distance, it made the love everyone felt for each other feel even more palpable. After a brief speech the couple shared with everyone who was joining virtually, they made the walk from Josh’s sisters home, to where his parents live just a few doors down. By this point, the rain had hit, but that didn’t stop the neighbors from coming out to cheer them on as they walked down the street! It reminded me of the video of the Italians singing out their windows to one another. It was a perfect reminder that as dark as the world can feel somedays, love still shines brighter than any challenge we are facing. And that is something worth celebrating!

Here are some of my favorite moments from the day.

Jen & Josh- It has been such a joy working with you guys! I am so glad Martine referred you to me, and that I could be one of the select few to witness your wedding day live and in person! Wishing you guys a happy, healthy and blessed life together! All the best, Bre

Make up and Hair: Brushworx / Bride’s Dress: Davids Bridal / Grooms Suit: Mens Warehouse