I have seen a lot of cool links being shared on social media with fun resources of things to do with your kids, while we are all quarantined at home. So far my daughter and I have checked out the live feed from the Georgia Aquarium, done some art off of Let’s Make Art, and toured museums around the world! So, I thought I would create a photo inspired list of ideas to share with everyone. In case you need some fresh ideas to add to the mix.

Plan a “photo shoot” with your kids – You can use a camera if you have one, or just grab a phone. Let your kids plan the shoot, where in the house they want to have it, what theme they want, and what they will wear. Ideally go someplace with some nice window light, or take it outdoors if your weather allows. The pictures below are from the impromptu shoot my daughter and I did in my studio this week. She put on her favorite dress, and she wanted to incorporate some balloons we had lying around from her last birthday. For younger kids they might enjoy throwing on an old halloween costume, or getting dressed up as their favorite super hero.

Create a video interview– Treat it like a talk show and interview your kids. Ask them what they want to be when they grow up, where they want to live, what their favorite memory was from the past year. We often have quick clips of our kids doing something, but record a little longer segment of them just talking, and hearing how they think at this stage of their lives. It will be a fun thing to look back on years from now. I wish I had done more of this before my youngest daughter passed away. I have lots of cute dancing and singing videos, but not as many of her just talking for longer stretches.

Photo scavenger hunt- If you need a break to get something done while working from home, give your kids a scavenger hunt list, and a phone. If you need ideas, @TheIdeaRoom posted some a few days ago on Instagram, you can find it here for some inspiration. If you have time you could even tie in things they are working on in their online school work. For example, if they are learning about shapes and numbers, have them find things in the house with a certain number of items, or in a particular shape. If they are older, it could be finding images to pair with their Spanish vocab words, or images that tell the visual story for a book they are reading. It can also be just for fun, like find something; “soft”, “colorful”, “shiny”, “funny”, or “sweet”.

Order prints and have them scrapbook– My daughter likes to scrapbook, but I am bad about ordering prints. This week, we went through and she selected her favorite images from last year, and I am having them printed and shipped to me, so she can put them in her album. If they are too young to do this all on their own, you could give them a small notebook and some stickers, markers and tape, and let them create their own less fancy version with a few pics you have lying around, or ones where you’ve ordered extras.

Send photos to loved ones– It’s a crazy time in our country, and everyone’s a little stressed, so why not take this time to encourage and send love to others. Print photos, or order cards with photos on them (I can order these for you if you want, just shoot me an email) to mail out to family or friends who might be feeling lonely right now. If your family is like mine, the grandparents are really missing seeing their grandkids, but with all the germs, we are trying to keep our distance, so this is a fun way let them know you are thinking of them, and help brighten their day from afar.

Use a photo to create painting or drawing– Find a favorite photo of a family member ,and have your kids paint or draw that person based on the photo and then send it to them. You could also use a photo of a favorite family vacation spot, like a picture of the Disney castle, as inspiration for a painting or drawing.

Send a Greetabl– I love creating these fun little gifts to send to people. You can pick the gift, the packaging, and then include a few pictures that are then printed directly on the box. (This is not in a sponsored post, just a company I have personally used and like.) Click here to check out the options.

Create an album you can enjoy together– If you are like me, and have a little less work than normal due to COVID-19 postponing or canceling work, you could take this time to create your own albums, for the kids to enjoy flipping through later. I have Chatbooks subscription (they are the little square white books below) set up for all my Instagram and phone pictures, and they automatically send a book for every 60 photos. (If you want to try them you can get $10 off your first book, with my code BSESSIONS-6HJW). My girls always loved having a tangible thing to flip through and see their memories in print. You could also create nicer version online (like bigger one below that some dear friends made for me). You can also have your photographer create a custom album from a family, or lifestyle shoot you have done, if you something high quality, that will stand the test of time.

If you are running out ideas of how to keep your kids entertained in the coming weeks, hopefully these help spark some new ideas. And of course, if you need help with ordering prints, albums, cards, etc… I am here, and have plenty of time to make it happen for you. Sending best wishes for good health! Hopefully we can hold onto our sanity, and make the most of this time stuck at home. All the best, Bre

If you try any of these things. I’d love to hear about it! Comment below and let me know. Also, if you have any ideas you think I should add, feel free to mention that as well.