I love all of the weddings I get to photograph, but this one was extra special, because the bride is also family. Jackie is my cousin, who I used to babysit when she was a little girl, so it’s crazy to see her all grown up and MARRIED! The wedding was held at the Blue Bird Farm, where Jackie grew up, and where my aunt and uncle still live. It’s a beautiful place, and made the perfect backdrop for their big day. Jackie and Adam have the most adorable little girl, and she got to join in on the fun for the first part of the wedding until she crashed out with the babysitter while the party went on into the wee hours of the night!

Adam and Jackie- Thank you so much for entrusting me with photographing your wedding day. I was honored to be a part of your special day and to help capture all the fun and memorable moments. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness! Love, Bre

All of the images from the wedding will be available shortly, if you would like to be notified and sent  a link when they are ready just leave a comment with your email address below, and I will let you know as soon as they are up!

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  1. Melissa Jennings said:
    The photos from the wedding look amazing! Bre, you did a terrific job capturing such beautiful moments. =)
    September 25, 2012  10:03 pm
  2. Charlene Jennings said:
    I know for certain that my mother will want to know the moment all the pictures are ready.

    Thanks Again Bre! I LOVE them.

    September 25, 2012  11:52 pm
  3. Char Jennings said:
    Bre, Thank you, I love your words and your photos. You truly captured the emotions of this once in a lifetime event.I couldn't ask for more.
    September 26, 2012  7:41 am
  4. Allison Greenberg said:
    These pictures are beautiful! You really captured the moments!
    September 26, 2012  8:11 am
  5. Jane Smith Messinger said:
    Wonderful photos capturing a wonderful wedding! Please send link to all when they're ready!
    September 26, 2012  9:21 am
  6. Adam Murray said:
    Thank you so much Bre. They look awesome. Especially like that you captured the late night table dance party.
    September 26, 2012  10:06 am
    • Bre Sessions said:
      Thanks Adam, so glad you guys love the pics! Jackie said I could go off the clock, but I always keep my camera nearby so when I saw the table dancing start, I couldn't resist shooting!!
      September 26, 2012  10:03 pm
  7. suzanne taft-sheppard said:
    These pictures are stunning! I'm so happy for you Jackie and wish you happiness and peace always......everyone looks beautiful!!
    September 26, 2012  11:15 am
  8. Elizabeth Smith said:
    The photos are STUNNING! It was a gorgeous wedding fantastically captured.
    September 26, 2012  11:42 am
  9. Bre, these photos of the wedding are no less than a collection of works of art! What a talented individual you are.
    September 26, 2012  7:58 pm
    • Bre Sessions said:
      Thank you for your kind words Ginger!
      September 26, 2012  10:01 pm
  10. robert Jennings said:
    Very Impressive work! You got some great shots and were so inconspicuous during the ceremony. Really caught the vibe of being at the Farm that evening. Look forward to seeing the complete package.
    September 27, 2012  7:28 pm
  11. Erin said:
    The kelly green dresses and yellow shoes are so fun! I really like their flower arrangements too. It looks like such a happy wedding!
    October 1, 2012  11:54 pm
  12. Chris Fawkes said:
    That is an outstanding set of wedding photos. Perfect on so many levels from the timing to get those perfect moments and emotions to the strong compositions.
    October 2, 2012  11:57 am
    • Bre Sessions said:
      Thank you so much Chris! I appreciate you taking the time to check them out.
      October 2, 2012  7:27 pm
  13. You've captured some seriously great moments in here. :)
    October 2, 2012  6:42 pm
  14. These pictures are absolutely beautiful. Loved the color pictures but i am super duper fan of Black and white and loved them.
    October 2, 2012  7:35 pm
  15. Summer said:
    Bre, these are beautiful!! So wonderfully captured!
    October 8, 2012  2:46 pm
  16. Ruth Trevaskis Photography said:
    Stunning work. Some of the expressions and moments you've captured are divine.
    October 11, 2012  6:21 pm

Last weekend I had the pleasure of doing a family portrait shoot with a very sweet family and their adorable daughter, Lucy. It was fun taking a break from all of the wedding photography I’ve been doing to run around and play in the grass with this little cutie pie. The grandparents were also in from out of town so they were able to join us for the shoot and get in on the fun. Nothing better then a grandparents loving up on their grandbaby to make for awesome pictures! My favorite has to be her grandpa giving her a kiss and her leaning in, I mean what a perfect little moment! You’ll see what I mean below…

 Thanks for visiting my blog, and if you or someone you know needs a portrait session for the fall now is the time to get it on the books!

  1. Erin said:
    Aww, what a little doll! I love the first two images of her. How special that the grandparents came along for the session too. Great job!
    August 17, 2012  2:23 am
  2. rich said:
    what a beautiful family - so much love in this session =)! great images!
    August 17, 2012  12:15 pm
  3. Lucy is gorgeous and so cute. I too loved the first 2 shots. She has such lovely eyes.
    August 18, 2012  1:12 pm
  4. Tracy said:
    Aww I totally agree that last image with her leaning into grandpa is too precious!
    August 19, 2012  10:26 pm


A stunning couple, an amazing church and reception venue, and details to die for, the only downside of the day was the heat, but these two made HOT look good, as they strolled hand in hand around the golf course. I couldn’t wait to share some of my favorite shots I got from this wedding I helped Jason Hales Photography shoot back in May. The ceremony was held at Saint Brigid church, just down the street from me, and the reception was held at the prestigious Atlanta Athletic Country Club. Here’s the day from my view…

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek into Meredith and Chris’s beautiful day, as much as I did shooting it. Leave a comment below to let me know you stopped by to visit my blog and see what I have been busy working on!

  1. Bre! Great job! Wishing you lots of business success and growth! p.s. Love the way your logo looks with the rest of your brand & site.
    July 18, 2012  11:31 am
    • Bre Sessions said:
      Thanks so much for the encouraging words Twah! (and for the logo design, which has been great!!)
      July 18, 2012  3:05 pm
  2. Rebecca Bennett said:
    Absolutely gorgeous! Both the couple and photography.
    July 18, 2012  2:39 pm
  3. Alicia Idowu said:
    Bre, these pictures are AMAZING!! You are truly a talented photographer. I love your logo. It is so cute. It has a whimiscal feel to it that makes you want to look at your photos.
    July 18, 2012  6:38 pm
    • Bre Sessions said:
      Thanks for stopping by my blog, Alicia, and for your kind words!
      July 18, 2012  10:23 pm
  4. beautiful wedding! i just love how happy they look together! wonderful work!
    July 18, 2012  11:11 pm
  5. Biju Oommen said:
    Bre, your work speaks for yourself. Amazing capture. I loved the first black n White picture of the cute little boy. You definitely have an eye for detail. absolutely, loved it. You rock!!!!!!!
    July 19, 2012  10:24 am
  6. Michelle Rooney said:
    Beautiful images! I love the church images!
    July 19, 2012  1:18 pm
  7. rich said:
    the class and elegance of this wedding really shines through your photos! great job on these!
    July 23, 2012  3:52 pm
  8. Damon Bishop said:
    Hi Bre! I didn't know you had made this career move, but you seem like a natural! Great work and a good eye for what I call "interesting details", like the shoes all by themselves, for example. Love it! Congratulations and much success to you!
    July 24, 2012  2:34 am
    • Bre Sessions said:
      Thanks Damon! Good to hear from you.
      August 6, 2012  1:45 pm
  9. emily said:
    what a gorgeous and classy wedding!
    i love that overall shot from above inside the ceremony
    July 25, 2012  4:39 pm
  10. Erin said:
    Wow, these are so beautiful! Awesome work on this wedding!
    August 17, 2012  2:55 am

When you live in Georgia there is no place that says “Atlanta Wedding”, like tying the knot in Piedmont Park. The only concern was the rain, and we lucked out, the rain stopped an hour before we started shooting, and gave us some perfectly overcast lighting just in time to take all of their wedding pictures. Jason and Heather decided to have a first look, so they could have a special moment with just the two of them seeing each other for the first time before the ceremony, and have the chance to get all of the pictures out of the way prior to the ceremony so they could spend more time relaxing and hanging out with guests at the reception. It was so great to get to capture the joy and excitement as they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day! They are such a fun and playful couple that they kept me laughing the entire day, and it’s clear they will do the same for each other for many, many years to come!

Congrats Jason and Heather, I wish you guys all the best and am so honored you chose me to be your wedding photographer!

If you would like to see all of the images from Jason and Heather’s wedding, just leave a comment on the bottom of the blog with your email address, and I will send you the link when the gallery is up and ready later this week. Thanks, Bre


  1. Emily Colquitt said:
    I was Heather's maid of honor and I would love to see the rest of the pics! Thanks:)
    June 20, 2012  10:25 am
    • Bre Sessions said:
      Thanks for stopping by to check out the blog Emily, I will let you know as soon as they are up!
      June 20, 2012  11:24 am
  2. Always love piedmont park! great location and love the b&w with the city skyline.
    June 20, 2012  11:30 am
    • Bre Sessions said:
      Gina- Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog!
      June 20, 2012  3:45 pm
  3. Kathy Farrow said:
    I'm the mother of the bride and of course, I'm crying! Thank you!
    June 20, 2012  12:53 pm
    • Bre Sessions said:
      Kathy- Glad you like them! Happy tears are the best compliment:)
      June 20, 2012  3:45 pm
  4. emily said:
    i LOVE the view of the cityscape in the background with the bride & groom photos!
    she looks so thrilled during the first look :)
    June 20, 2012  2:50 pm
  5. Emily said:
    What a beautiful wedding and a great looking couple! I love the first look!
    June 23, 2012  4:16 pm
    • Bre Sessions said:
      Thanks! I love doing a first look because you get such fun shots of the couple interacting.
      June 25, 2012  10:44 pm

This time last year this little guy was in the hospital, born prematurely at 2.8 lbs and fighting to stay alive. He spent almost 2 months in the NICU before he got to go home. It’s amazing to see how far he has come in last 12 months! He is now growing like a weed, and ready to take on the world. His mom asked if we could do a mix of a lifestyle session with a first birthday smash cake moment, so we had fun playing with balloons, and lots of colorful messy icing! Happy First Birthday Michael!

Couldn’t resist one outake of this fun family in action behind the scenes:)


  1. Auntie Diane said:
    Happy 1st birthday sweet baby Michael!
    May 27, 2012  6:17 pm