Yes, a second photographer is included in all of our collections. Having 2 people ensures we cover every wedding from multiple angles! We want to be able to cure to get both you, and your finances expression while coming down the aisle, and to capture people who are on the dance floor and those that like to hang out and talk on the sidelines. There is always so much happening on a wedding day, and with two of us their it helps everything run more smoothly. The only exception to this is if I am shooting an elopement, where it’s a very small gathering, and then it can be discussed on a case by case basis. Also, on the rare occasion that it is a very large wedding (300+ guests) or there is multiple locations, a third photographer or an assistant can also be added.

Do you work with a 2nd photographer?

Yes, I love doing engagement sessions! They are a great way for me to get to know you both better before your wedding day. I can see how you interact with one another, and what style of posing and direction works best for you. I find these sessions really help couples feel more confident and comfortable on their wedding day. These photos are also great to use for Save the Dates or for printed items you want to display at the wedding.

Do you offer Engagement and Bridal sessions?

It’s easy, all you need is a signed contract, and a deposit to reserve you date. For the contract I just need a few details from you about the date, location, and contact info, and then you can sign it electronically. The Deposit is a third of the overall cost of your collection, and it can be paid via cash, check, or credit card. To get this process started, contact me here.

How do we reserve our date with you?

The payment is typically broken into three installments. The first, is at the time of booking, the second is 90 days prior to the wedding, and the third is 30 days prior to the wedding. We can customize this schedule into more or less payments, if you prefer, just let us know at the time of booking.

What is the payment schedule?

Yes, every photo you receive will be edited, with color corrections, and basic retouching. All photos that are selected for the album, or that you print through our studio, will get an additional round of more advanced retouching, fixing skin imperfections, smoothing of fly away hairs, etc…We do offer more advanced retouching, on a per image basis, if you want extensive body retouching, someone removed from a photo, or heads swapped between images.

Do you edit all of the photos?

With technology changing so rapidly, we deliver photos in a downloadable gallery rather than putting them on a CD, or USB. This delivery method makes it really easy for you to download your files, and keep copies of them in multiple places, and never worrying about misplacing or breaking the disc or drive. It also allows you to easily share them with friends and family regardless of where they are located. If you are someone who feels more comfortable also having a USB, we do offer custom drive with a photo of you choice printed on as an add on to any session.

How do you deliver your photos?

6-8 weeks is our standard delivery time for all of your edited images. We do create a blog post, and share some sneak peek photos on Instagram within the first 2 weeks, because understand it’s so hard to wait when you are excited!

How long does it take to receive them?

No, when you book your wedding collection with us, your high resolution edited images are included. We may share watermarked photos online, but the ones in your gallery that you download will not be.

Are the photos we get watermarked?

Yes, they are yours, so you can absolutely take care of this yourself if you choose. I do have a recommended list where you can get the best results if you choose to go the DIY route.

Can we print them ourselves?

Can you take care of printing for us?

Yes, I know life is busy, and trying to order prints, and get them framed, or putting together albums takes time. I go to trade shows, and do a lot of research to seek out the best products, so that I can offer my clients a wide range of beautiful options for preserving their photos in a variety of ways.

What other products do you offer?

Prints, wall art done of canvas, metal or acrylic, albums, parent albums, engagement signing books, save the date, holiday and thank you cards, you name it, I can probably make it happen. Let me know if you are looking for something specific, or want more info on any of the items mentioned above.

I am a Nikon shooter. My gear changes as I test and try new equipment, but right now I primarily shoot weddings with my D750. I have two other back up cameras, 7 lenses, and all sorts of lights and modifiers!

What gear do you shoot with?

While I love video, I think it’s best that I focus on photography, and have someone else who is solely an expert at videography focus on that. I have worked with a number of talented videographers, that I know do great work, and who I work seamlessly with, that I am happy to recommend.

Do you also offer videography?

Your images are guaranteed to be back up by the studio for a minimum of one year. The online gallery will be available for 6 months from the date it goes live, if you need an extension to that, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate. There may be a small fee, if it is past a year and all of the images have to be reloaded from an older off site drive. One benefit of being in business for over a decade, is I have had clients come back years later for albums, or wall art.

How long do you save our photos after the wedding?

What should we do to back up and store our files?

In this digital age, it is super important to be on top of backing up all your important files. I highly recommend downloading the entire gallery, and storing it in multiple places. You can keep a copy on you desktop, however this may take up a lot of storage space. I also suggest saving to 2 external hard drives, ideally one that is in the cloud or stored in a secondary location in case of a fire or theft in your home. Prints and albums are also wonderful for this purpose, they give you hard copies of all of your favorite images, and allow you to readily access them whenever you want.

Do you photograph things other than weddings?

While weddings are the primary focus of my business, I love getting to document other important milestones in my couples lives. I have done newborn, and family sessions, as well as covering parties, and events. If you would like to see galleries of any of my other work, please email me at Bre@BreSessions.com, and I can send that over to you!

If you have any additional questions please give me a call or email me at 404-542-1766 or Bre@BreSessions.com