Most of the weddings I attend these days , are as a photographer not a guest. So it was super exciting to be on the other side of the lens, when my little sister got married last month! I was so honored to stand by her side, as she started this next chapter of life. She has been dating Daniel for ten years now, so this day was a long time coming, but I have to say the celebration was worth the wait! We had a blast getting our whole extended family together, along with all of Daniel’s family and all of their amazing friends who traveled from near and far, to join us for a week at the beach. It was my first time at the Outer Banks, in North Carolina. What a beautiful area, worth the drive if you need a good beach vacation! The weather was a unseasonably cool the week we were there, but we didn’t let that stop us from throwing on our bathing suits, and attempting to get some sun for the few moments it poked out from behind the clouds. Luckily, the rain held out and we were able to have the wedding on the beach as planned. Melissa hired a very talented wedding photographer to capture the day, so I was just in charge of getting some getting ready photos and party pics at the end of the night. In between, I tried my best to put down the camera and embrace being in the moment with the people I love most! Here are a few of my favorites from the day.




Lovies Hair Salon

Lovies Hair Salon

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Bride at Outer Banks

Bride at Outer Banks

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Daniel and Melissa- I’m so happy for you both! I pray that your future together will be full of the same laughter and joy that was felt by everyone on your wedding day! Love, Bre

  1. Melinda Szegedi said:
    This are so amazing! What a talent you have for capturing the moment! Beautiful!
    June 9, 2016  9:25 pm

As a parent, one of the things you want most for your kids, is to be loved well. This wedding is extra close to my heart because the bride, for the last eight years, has loved my children well. She was the magical babysitter that my kids actually looked forward to coming. She came with crafts to do, special recipes to try, and sent cool gifts while traveling overseas. Megan has a heart for others, she is  caring and thoughtful, and deserved a man who would love her well. As her dad shared during his toast, he and her mom have been praying her entire life for this special man who would one day be worthy of her heart. God works in funny ways, and while Meg and Alex had crossed paths in college, it took a few years of them both traveling around the world before they would both landed back in the states, and on a first date. It didn’t take long for them to know that this was something special, and nine months later they were engaged. While I have only spent a little bit of time getting know Alex, it is clear Megan is happier than she has ever been. Her parents rave about him, and his parents are glowing with pride as well, as they send them off to begin this new chapter of their lives as husband and wife. With such adventurous spirits, and so much love and support behind them that I know they will do even more amazing things together than they were ever able to do a part!

Here is a sneak peek from their beautiful wedding at the Marietta Brickyards last weekend. Not only was the weather perfect, but they had a dream team of vendors headed up the amazing Joshua at Tailored Events, that helped bring to life their vision for the big day! With Meg’s thoughtful creativity, and Alex’s knowledge and passion for food, every detail from the custom coloring books, to the perfectly pink macaroons was flawlessly executed! Enjoy!

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Megan and Alex- It was such an honor for our family to be a part of your wedding day! Thank you for entrusting me to document it!

I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures around the world! I wish you guys a lifetime of happiness! Love, Bre


Assistant Photographer: Angelica Yim/ Ceremony and Reception Location: The Brickyards / Event Coordinator: Joshua with Tailored Events / Bride’s Hair: Ashlyn with Aura Salon/

Wedding Dress: Melissa Sweet /Groom’s Suit: Menguin /Cake and Dessert: Mickie Kimberly / DJ: Chris Miller/ Floral Design: Caroline Guarino / Video: Jack Holloway

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I had the pleasure of photographing Taylor and Josh’s beautiful wedding out at Lake Oconee earlier this month. The forecast called for rain, and that’s what it did… ALL DAY LONG! It’s days like this that make me very grateful to be working with an awesome wedding planner! Thanks to Laura of Laura Birney Events  who also happens to be one of the bride’s best friends, this wedding went off without a hitch, rain puddles and all! Here are a few of my favorite images from the wedding day!

   (Taylor’s something borrowed was a beautiful handwritten love note her dad had written to her mom years ago.) 


I feel like I should just call this family, “The Taylor’s” because the bride, groom, and both of the groom’s children all have the middle name Taylor. Clearly these four were meant to be together! (And since my daughter’s name also happens to be Taylor, I think it only made sense for me to be the one to photograph the wedding.) Thanks, Taylor and Josh for allowing me to be a part of your special day, I wish you guys much love and happiness in the years to come!

To see more images from Taylor and Josh’s wedding you can visit their online gallery here.

Event Planner: Laura Birney Events   Venue: Casa Banana 2  Florist: Le Petit Jardin     Caterer: Low Country Barbecue     Event Rentals: Goodwin Event Rentals     Cake: Carla Thomas

Second Shooter: Linda Fick-Friedman   DJ: Spinjocks 


My favorite thing about being a wedding photographer, is getting the opportunity to document love. I am passionate about capturing the relationships of couples, and the connections they have to all of the people they invite to share in their wedding day. Last week my husband and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. Amazing how time flies! I still love going back and looking at the pictures our wedding photographer captured that day. Some of my favorite images from my wedding are of me walking down the aisle. I have a huge “Cheshire Cat” smile across my face, and  seeing it immediately transports me back to that moment and allows me to relive all of the joy and excitement I felt that day. Nine years later and I’m still smiling thanks to the three very special people below! Here are a few images from a recent impromptu family photo shoot we had in our yard in honor of Valentine’s day. As a mom, and a photographer nothing makes me happier then capturing moments like these where my girls are having fun, running around the yard, playing and laughing together. I know I  will blink and another 9 years will have gone by, and these two will be in full teenager mode, so no matter how much they protest mommy will keep taking pictures!

What is your favorite photo from your wedding day? Would love if you’d share it with me! Thanks for stopping by the blog.

I love all of the weddings I get to photograph, but this one was extra special, because the bride is also family. Jackie is my cousin, who I used to babysit when she was a little girl, so it’s crazy to see her all grown up and MARRIED! The wedding was held at the Blue Bird Farm, where Jackie grew up, and where my aunt and uncle still live. It’s a beautiful place, and made the perfect backdrop for their big day. Jackie and Adam have the most adorable little girl, and she got to join in on the fun for the first part of the wedding until she crashed out with the babysitter while the party went on into the wee hours of the night!

Adam and Jackie- Thank you so much for entrusting me with photographing your wedding day. I was honored to be a part of your special day and to help capture all the fun and memorable moments. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness! Love, Bre

All of the images from the wedding will be available shortly, if you would like to be notified and sent  a link when they are ready just leave a comment with your email address below, and I will let you know as soon as they are up!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know you stopped by!



  1. Melissa Jennings said:
    The photos from the wedding look amazing! Bre, you did a terrific job capturing such beautiful moments. =)
    September 25, 2012  10:03 pm
  2. Charlene Jennings said:
    I know for certain that my mother will want to know the moment all the pictures are ready.

    Thanks Again Bre! I LOVE them.

    September 25, 2012  11:52 pm
  3. Char Jennings said:
    Bre, Thank you, I love your words and your photos. You truly captured the emotions of this once in a lifetime event.I couldn't ask for more.
    September 26, 2012  7:41 am
  4. Allison Greenberg said:
    These pictures are beautiful! You really captured the moments!
    September 26, 2012  8:11 am
  5. Jane Smith Messinger said:
    Wonderful photos capturing a wonderful wedding! Please send link to all when they're ready!
    September 26, 2012  9:21 am
  6. Adam Murray said:
    Thank you so much Bre. They look awesome. Especially like that you captured the late night table dance party.
    September 26, 2012  10:06 am
    • Bre Sessions said:
      Thanks Adam, so glad you guys love the pics! Jackie said I could go off the clock, but I always keep my camera nearby so when I saw the table dancing start, I couldn't resist shooting!!
      September 26, 2012  10:03 pm
  7. suzanne taft-sheppard said:
    These pictures are stunning! I'm so happy for you Jackie and wish you happiness and peace always......everyone looks beautiful!!
    September 26, 2012  11:15 am
  8. Elizabeth Smith said:
    The photos are STUNNING! It was a gorgeous wedding fantastically captured.
    September 26, 2012  11:42 am
  9. Bre, these photos of the wedding are no less than a collection of works of art! What a talented individual you are.
    September 26, 2012  7:58 pm
    • Bre Sessions said:
      Thank you for your kind words Ginger!
      September 26, 2012  10:01 pm
  10. robert Jennings said:
    Very Impressive work! You got some great shots and were so inconspicuous during the ceremony. Really caught the vibe of being at the Farm that evening. Look forward to seeing the complete package.
    September 27, 2012  7:28 pm
  11. Erin said:
    The kelly green dresses and yellow shoes are so fun! I really like their flower arrangements too. It looks like such a happy wedding!
    October 1, 2012  11:54 pm
  12. Chris Fawkes said:
    That is an outstanding set of wedding photos. Perfect on so many levels from the timing to get those perfect moments and emotions to the strong compositions.
    October 2, 2012  11:57 am
    • Bre Sessions said:
      Thank you so much Chris! I appreciate you taking the time to check them out.
      October 2, 2012  7:27 pm
  13. You've captured some seriously great moments in here. :)
    October 2, 2012  6:42 pm
  14. These pictures are absolutely beautiful. Loved the color pictures but i am super duper fan of Black and white and loved them.
    October 2, 2012  7:35 pm
  15. Summer said:
    Bre, these are beautiful!! So wonderfully captured!
    October 8, 2012  2:46 pm
  16. Ruth Trevaskis Photography said:
    Stunning work. Some of the expressions and moments you've captured are divine.
    October 11, 2012  6:21 pm

Last weekend I had the pleasure of doing a family portrait shoot with a very sweet family and their adorable daughter, Lucy. It was fun taking a break from all of the wedding photography I’ve been doing to run around and play in the grass with this little cutie pie. The grandparents were also in from out of town so they were able to join us for the shoot and get in on the fun. Nothing better then a grandparents loving up on their grandbaby to make for awesome pictures! My favorite has to be her grandpa giving her a kiss and her leaning in, I mean what a perfect little moment! You’ll see what I mean below…

 Thanks for visiting my blog, and if you or someone you know needs a portrait session for the fall now is the time to get it on the books!

  1. Erin said:
    Aww, what a little doll! I love the first two images of her. How special that the grandparents came along for the session too. Great job!
    August 17, 2012  2:23 am
  2. rich said:
    what a beautiful family - so much love in this session =)! great images!
    August 17, 2012  12:15 pm
  3. Lucy is gorgeous and so cute. I too loved the first 2 shots. She has such lovely eyes.
    August 18, 2012  1:12 pm
  4. Tracy said:
    Aww I totally agree that last image with her leaning into grandpa is too precious!
    August 19, 2012  10:26 pm