Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, and this was one of the most intimate ones I have had the chance to be a part of. In fact, it was just Molly, Ryan, her three kids, the officiant and me, so I consider myself lucky I even got to be there to witness this special elopement. The Atlanta Botanical Gardens is closed on Monday, so they rent it out for events. This ended up being the only event happening that night so we had the whole magical place to ourselves! I still remember the first time I visited the gardens after moving to Atlanta back in 2003, I knew I was about to get engaged, and I remember thinking what a beautiful place it would be for a wedding! Unfortunately for me, the timing didn’t end up working out for my own wedding to happen there, so I was excited all these years later to get to finally get to be there for one!
Molly and Ryan- Thank you for choosing me to document your wedding day! I am so glad the timing worked out for me to get back in town in time to be there with you all Monday night! I wish you guys all of the best, as you start this new chapter of your lives together and as a family.