10 Best Atlanta Engagement Session Locations

August 10, 2018

Atlanta has so many great locations for engagement sessions. So when couples start planning their engagement shoot, it can be a little daunting to narrow down the options. I have had the opportunity to shoot all over Georgia, so I thought it would be helpful to share some of my top picks for engagement session locations in and around the Atlanta area. The first half of the list is in, or South of Atlanta, and the second half of the list North of the Perimeter.

1. Piedmont Park- Of course this one of the first places many people think of for engagement sessions in Atlanta. And it’s a great option. There are so many scenic areas to shoot in, and it’s pretty no matter what the season. I would suggest going at off peak times, so that there are less people around. It also helps to check the upcoming calendar, to make sure no special events or festivals happening on the day you plan to take your photos.

To see this beautiful Piedmont Park engagement session above, you can check out this recent blog post. And here is one more Piedmont Park Fall E-session for some additional inspiration!

2. Inman Park– Since many people head over to Piedmont park, some of the other downtown parks tend to be a little less crowded. Inman and Grant Park both have some pretty spots to shoot, where you can still get a bit of the city in the backdrop in your photos. The couple below went to a wine bar pictured below, right before he proposed, so we went back to their patio to grab a few images at the start of our shoot. I like incorporating places that are meaningful to the couple, you can tell how much more relaxed and comfortable people are when they are in a spot where they feel more at home.

3. Serenbe– If you have never been to Serenbe you are missing out! It is a little gem of a town just South of Atlanta. The Serenbe Inn has an amazing property, with beautiful fields, wooden swings, big gorgeous trees, and if you’re lucky you might even be able to get pictures with one of the horses or goats in it. There is a fee to shoot here, for details check here. There is also a cute downtown area you can take photos in. I suggest making a night or weekend of it, and staying over to get a little break amidst all the wedding planning to reconnect with one another.


4. Atlanta Botanical Gardens– The Gardens are amazing, and provide so much lush greenery, and colorful flowers, you will have amazing photos anywhere you go. There is a fee of $200 to shoot there for up to 2 hrs, and it does need to be scheduled with their special events people in advance, for more details visit there website. They also are a great option for weddings and elopements. To see my recent Elopement I photographed there check out this blog post.

5. Ponce city Market and the Belt line– This area has really taken off and developed the last few years, and has become a fun place to do engagement sessions. It can be busy, so avoid Fri and Sat evenings, but as long as you don’t mind some people being around, or even being included as part of the shoot, you can have a lot of fun taking photos here. Below are images from a recent senior session I did there, but it will give you an idea of the setting.

6. The Georgian Terrace– If you like classic architecture this hotel is beautiful. I believe they do charge a fee to shoot inside, but outdoor patio shots can also be a good option, and just cost you the price of a drink. The Livingston Bar has an awesome chandelier that’s pretty to incorporate into photos, and you can grab a glass of champagne to toast your engagement while you’re there! It is also just across the street from the Fox theater, so you can get some outdoor shots with the Fox marquee as well! To see a recent shoot where we did just that, check out this blog post.

7. Atlanta Landmarks– High Museum, Centennial Olympic Park and the Sky view Ferris wheel are unique to Atlanta. Is there a place that has special meaning to you in the city? There is a fee to shoot inside the High Museum, but you can be outside, and get some cool shots without ever going indoors. More pictures from the High Museum E-session below.

8. North Georgia WineriesMontaluce is one of my favorites. Its got a really authentic feeling to it, and it’s a whole lot closer than heading out to Napa or Sonoma. The architecture of the building is pretty, and a good glass of wine makes everything a little more fun! In season the vines are the perfect backdrop for photos. To see more images from this winery you can check out a recent wedding I photographed here, by clicking here. It is best to go in Summer and Fall when the vines are blooming. Wolf Mountain Winery, featured in the photo below is also really pretty, as is Chateau Elan.

9. Roswell– Roswell is full of great places to take photos. It’s the perfect location if you live outside the perimeter and don’t want to make the trek into Atlanta for your shoot. Some of my favorite spots are Garrard Landing Park, the park by the Chattahoochee River, and Downtown Roswell where there so many cute restaurants and bars. Crazy Love is one of my favorite places, and you can get some coffee to rev you up a little before your shoot! To see more images from the downtown area check out this post from Kelly and John’s engagement session. Another popular location is the Roswell Mill. You can take pictures on the covered bridge, or go down to the water and capture some images with the waterfalls behind you. I will warn you this place can get very crowded with photographers, and you do sometimes have to wait for some of the most scenic spots to shoot.

10. Avalon– As someone who lives North of Atlanta, this is one of my favorite spots to hang out in the burbs! They do charge a small fee, I think it’s $25 and you pay at the Customer service desk in the center, the money goes towards a charity they support, so you are also helping a good cause while you are at it! There are some cool walls that make good backdrops, you can also grab some Jenny’s Ice cream, sit on the wooden swings, or play a little bocce ball, and hang by the fire pit to get some fun action shots. The new Hotel Avalon is also a really cool location, I haven’t shot inside yet, so you might want to check the rules in advance, but their lobby is amazing! For more info on Avalon check out their website.

Some other great spots to consider, Stone Mountain, Lake Lanier Islands, Berry College Campus, or Cator Woolford Gardens. For additional ideas and inspiration on engagement session locations in Atlanta, check out my Pinterest Board.

If you have any questions about the locations above, or want to know more about booking an engagement sessions with Bre Sessions Photography, send me an email at bre@bresessions.com, or fill out my contact sheet.

Thanks for stopping by the blog, I hope these tips were helpful! All the best, Bre






Very helpful. Thank you for including pictures of each place mentioned. Maybe I’ll come around to booking my session soon.