4 benefits of doing an engagement session

September 14, 2016


To do an engagement session, or not to do an engagement session? I say do, and here are the top four reasons why.

Get to know your wedding photographer, and let them get to know both of you.

On your wedding day, you will spend almost as much time with your photographer, as you will with your soon to be spouse!  From the time you start hair and make up early in the day, until you get in the car and drive off at the end of the night, your photographer will be by your side. It’s important you like this person, and feel comfortable having them around, so you have the best chance of relaxing and be yourself in front of the camera. By working with your photographer on an engagement session, you get an a great trial run to ensure  you will all get along seamlessly on the day of the wedding. It also gives your photographer a chance to learn more about you as a couple, and see how you naturally interact with one another. The better they know you, the easier it is to for them to document your wedding day in a way that reflects your unique relationship.

Get comfortable being the center of attention.

Unless your Taylor Swift or Kim Kardashian, you are probably not used to having everything you do all day long be photographed. The engagement session is a great, no pressure way to get in front of the camera and practice being the center of attention. Trust me, you don’t want to be working out those nerves on your wedding day! I like to encourage couples to think of their engagement shoot as if they are planning a fun date (that I just happen to be tagging a long and photographing). After shooting an engagement session, I have a much better feel for who needs help relaxing in front of the camera, and what angles and poses they are most flattering for them.

Create art for your wedding day

Engagement sessions can be very useful for getting images you can use throughout your wedding planning. The pictures can be used for announcing your engagement, save the date cards, a portrait or a slideshow to display at the wedding , or to make a signing album for friends and family.

Commemorate this special time in your relationship

These pictures preserve a special time in your relationship. They show the love and excitement you have for one another  as you look forward to taking the next step in your journey together. Unlike the wedding day, there is no strict timeline to adhere to and nobody else around to worry about, so you two can just relax, have fun, and let the camera catch you having a good time together.


Did you do an engagement session? What did you find helpful about it? Would love to here about your experiences. Please leave me a comment, and let me know your thoughts! And if you to chat more about booking an engagement session, give me a call!







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