Avalon Engagement Session

September 11, 2018

Scotta and Chip love the outdoors, but with the summer heat, we decided we needed to do their engagement session, somewhere where we could step inside for air occasionally! Since they live in the Alpharetta area, and like to hang out at Avalon (and it also happens to be where I met them at a Crate and Barrel bridal event) it seemed like the perfect place to capture them in their element. Since they love coffee, we made a trip to the Strabucks in the Avalon hotel to toast to their upcoming wedding, and get a little icy caffinated goodness to start our session off right!

There was some great live Music playing in the background, and thanks to the rain, it actually felt pretty good outside. We strolled the boulevard, found pretty spots to hang on the lawn, and got to enjoy the beautiful sunset, as they laughed the night away together. If “laughter is the sound of the soul dancing” then these two are going to have an amazing lifelong dance party together! I can’t wait to photograph their wedding later this Fall, but until then, here is a peek at their engagement photos!

Starbucks Engagement PhotosCheers to Scotta and Chip, looking forward to their wedding later this Fall!

If you are looking for more engagement session inspiration, or additional location ideas you can check out my last blog post!

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This is a great session! <3 Searching for sunset pictures of the Avalon and ran into it…

Thank you! What did you need the sunset photos for?