Photographing the ones you love.

February 12, 2013

My favorite thing about being a wedding photographer, is getting the opportunity to document love. I am passionate about capturing the relationships of couples, and the connections they have to all of the people they invite to share in their wedding day. Last week my husband and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. Amazing how time flies! I still love going back and looking at the pictures our wedding photographer captured that day. Some of my favorite images from my wedding are of me walking down the aisle. I have a huge “Cheshire Cat” smile across my face, and  seeing it immediately transports me back to that moment and allows me to relive all of the joy and excitement I felt that day. Nine years later and I’m still smiling thanks to the three very special people below! Here are a few images from a recent impromptu family photo shoot we had in our yard in honor of Valentine’s day. As a mom, and a photographer nothing makes me happier then capturing moments like these where my girls are having fun, running around the yard, playing and laughing together. I know I  will blink and another 9 years will have gone by, and these two will be in full teenager mode, so no matter how much they protest mommy will keep taking pictures!

What is your favorite photo from your wedding day? Would love if you’d share it with me! Thanks for stopping by the blog.